If you follow the news at all, you often see people being brought to jail on an outstanding warrant. Most are for minor offenses like speeding, no insurance, traffic violations and the like. But there are some wanted criminals in Minnehaha County that are wanted for more serious crimes as well. The website called GotWarrants posts all outstanding warrants for the county.

The Sheriff's Department says they get a lot of tips from the public on people who are wanted on these outstanding warrants and it helps keep our city safe.

The Sheriff's Department is NOT looking for wannabe Dog The Bounty Hunter's though to track down people wanted for more serious warrants like rape, assaults and robberies. There are professionals for those types of things.

But anyone can go on the site and see who has a warrant out for their arrest and what the charges are. The phone number is posted right on the site.

The newest portion of the website just launched April 2nd. It's called "Who's In Jail". Here you can see a list of every person currently in the Minnehaha County Jail, when they got there, what their bond has been set at and what charges landed them behind bars.

So if Jeremy doesn't show up for work for a couple days; Samantha doesn't answer your texts or you need to find a replacement for your pool or dart league because Randy isn't there, with just a couple of clicks, you can get that question answered.

Break the law now and EVERYONE is going to know.