For some strange reason, I'm fascinated by borders.  Township, city, county, state, country, I like them all.  Like the Four Corners in the Southwest US that joins Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.  Or when a state line divides a city like in Texarkana, Texas and Arkansas.  Or the Tri-State Iron Post Marker just a few minutes east of Sioux Falls that joins South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa.

In Sioux Falls, we have a county border that divides the city.  57th Street divides Minnehaha county to the north and Lincoln county to the south.  Check out the cars parked on driveways along 57th.  Licence plates on the north side typically start with "1" for Minnehaha and "44" on the south side for Lincoln.

What's even more fascinating is when there is construction on 57th Street, it's a work site that spans two counties!  The city has Tennis Lane torn up to the north side of 57th street and there is a barricade in place diverting traffic.

As you can see in the bottom image of 57th Street headed west, you are driving in Minnehaha county until the barricade, then you are diverted into east bound lanes in Lincoln county for about 250 feet before returning to Minnehaha.  That's pretty cool!  


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