If you have been watching the progress on the 49th Street extension project, good news! As you'll see in the new drone video below, the $2.5 million project is moving along nicely!

Soon, 49th Street will connect between Western Ave and West Ave and will provide quicker west/east access while easing congestion on 41st Street. That's the plan anyway. We'll find out for sure when the road officially opens in September.

According to the city, 49th Street was paved from Western Avenue to West Avenue, leaving the median yet to be done. The sidewalk along Western Avenue was poured and the pedestrian route is almost ready to be re-opened.

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I'm surprised it took this long for the city to consider extending 49th Street. Sure there were some businesses in the way, but surely the city could have bought the land and relocated those businesses. Maybe some politics were involved, who knows.

If you have driven past the job site, you can clearly see the progress. However, Carson Bower with South Dakota Drone is back with a unique bird's eye view of the work. The video shows the two completed lanes, left-turn lanes, and the unfinished median.

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