They say the average woman criticizes herself around 8 times a day.

Encouragement is the act of putting courage inside of someone else.

Every year September 12, is The National Day of Encouragement.

There is a special kind of magic floating around for the encouraged, and the one delivering the medicine.

Let's try to overpower and tip the scales of the negative, spread mass amounts of encouragement like it's the fuel this world needs to keep spinning!

No matter where you are at I love you and believe in your journey.

In the above video is a poem with some much-needed encouragement I found one day, and hopefully, it will bring some to you.

I would have missed The National Day of Encouragement completely last year had it not been for my friend Julie who sent me an encouraging text.

And like clockwork again this morning one year later I received a personalized text of encouragement.

My friend loves encouraging people so much she blogs about it and has made it her life mission to encourage people.

Receiving an encouraging call, card, or text from Julie multiple times throughout the year is a common occurrence.

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