There comes a time in everyone's life when you get tired of playing the game of collecting peoples approval. How do we get unstuck from this trap that brings so much unhappiness?

It is easier said than done, but anything done can most often be undone and this is one of those things.

At a young age, most of us are taught to fit in, get along, and do what you gotta do to get the approval of people. We learn we want to avoid rejection at all cost, even if it means losing who we are along the way.

When we live this way for most of our lives we realize trying to make other people happy, often leaves us unhappy.

Some people appear to be naturals at walking to their own beat, and not taking other peoples opinions for anything. Most of us have to practice new thought patterns, and behaviors to undo what we have grown so accustomed to doing for so long.

Hopefully, the above video can bring you some help with not caring so much about what other people think of your journey. Travel well, friend.

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