Here's a warning for teens and parents from Darcy Jensen of Prairie View Prevention Services in Sioux Falls! Darcy says some teens are combining energy drinks with alcohol.

"When they're doing that," Darcy tells us, "what we're seeing is that they don't feel the effects of the alcohol because of the caffeine.  So, kids tend to drink much more than they would normally because their body isn't giving them that feeling of being intoxicated until they almost come to the point of alcohol poisoning."

Jensen says energy drinks can be dangerous!

"Some of the energy drinks in recent research show that the long term use can cause tumors and can have a major impact on kidney functions.  These teens need to understand that their decisions about abusing the energy drinks today may have long term consequences."

Aside from energy drinks, some young people are also abusing caffeine powder---snorting it like cocaine with a deadly outcome.  At least one teenager in Ohio has overdosed and died on the stimulant..  Caffeine powder is a supplement and is therefore not regulated by the FDA.