The City of Sioux Falls Police Department's goal on a daily basis is to protect its citizens from harm or danger. Part of that duty includes conducting random alcohol compliance checks throughout various businesses.

On Monday, October 11th, the Sioux Falls Police Department supervised an alcohol compliance check for 23 businesses located in the southwest area of the city. After investigating these 23 businesses, one establishment failed this test for selling alcohol to a patron under the age of 21.

This Sioux Falls business is not your traditional grocery or liquor store. It is actually a convenience store that is an extension of the Marathon gas station located on West 49th Street.

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The 49er convenience store is the one business that did not pass the recent alcohol compliance check.  According to a press release from Sioux Falls Police Department, "the clerk (from The 49er) was issued a summons for furnishing alcohol to a person 18-20 years old and given a court date."  This is a lesson that any business that sells alcohol should notice.

The City of Sioux Falls Police Department explains to the public, "In an effort to protect the young people in our community, the Sioux Falls Police Department will continue to conduct random alcohol compliance checks." This is a fair warning to other businesses in the future. March of 2021 was the last time the Sioux Falls Police Department completed an alcohol compliance check for 32 businesses located in the northeast area of Sioux Falls. At the time, two of those businesses failed this same test.

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