Looks can be deceiving and that's most definitely the case when it comes to this plant.

It can be found all over the Hawkeye State, and while it may look harmless, it can land you in the hospital at no time.

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Credit: Integrated Pest Management
Credit: Integrated Pest Management

The Wild Parsnip

The wild parsnip can be found throughout Iowa. This wild weed can be particularly bothersome for people if it makes contact with their skin.

In some cases, a person can develop phytophotodermatitis, which is a skin condition that can cause blister-like patches on the body.

But that's not all. It can also It can even last several weeks and land you in the hospital.

The good news? While the blisters are painful and annoying, as long as you see a dermatologist and receive the right treatment, you should be fine in a matter of weeks. Just keep your distance from the pesky, wild parsnip.

To learn more about the wild parsnip and exactly why it's so devastating for humans, check out the YouTube link below from Integrated Pest Management.

Story Source: Integrated Pest Management via YouTubeIowa State University via YouTubeHealthline



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