South Dakota is full of great places to call "home". We have a little bit of everything here in the Mount Rushmore State. Sioux Falls is one of the fastest-growing cities, the Black Hills draw in millions of tourists every year, and the taxes are lower than just about anywhere. But every state has some spots that are less appealing than others, and the town Best Life Online named for South Dakota has some scratching their heads.

If this is the 'most boring' town in South Dakota, those who gave it that less than appealing title should probably have their heads examined.

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Where's The Most Boring Town In South Dakota?

Google Maps Streetview
Google Maps Streetview

Yep, you read that right, Custer.

Of all the towns to choose from, Custer would have been one of my last guesses. It's right next to arguably that state's best state park, has loads of tourist activities, and many of the amenities of a larger city.

So, why was Custer chosen as South Dakota's 'Most Boring' town?

Here's what Best Life Online had to say:

Everything here is based on qualitative figures, as fed through an algorithm. It's also essential to note that these towns aren't all boring in the same way; some scored higher because there's very little to do there, while others scored higher because there are so few people to do anything with.

-Best Life Online

Scratching your head? Us too.

Apparently, Custer scored extremely low on median age, and the number of entertainment spots. But clearly, those who came up with this algorithm have never actually bothered to visit Custer, because if they did, they'd realize how wrong this actually is.

To see the full write-up as to why Custer was picked, along with what the 'Most Boring' towns in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and North Dakota are, check out the article from Best Life Online.

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