Looks like I'm supporting my immune system and tattoo artist at the same time!

Forget the old wives tales of things to take or do to in order to make it through another cold and flu season. Chuck out the Vitamin C and forget booking an appointment with a doctor and schedule an appointment with a tattoo artist!

From a story in Al: "Anthropology professor Chris Lynn led a study that showed that people who get multiple tattoos have a better immune response than those with little experience with the needle. His paper, which also included work from the University of Alabama graduate students, appeared online March 4 in the American Journal of Human Biology."

If there is any legitimacy to this I feel with the amount of ink I've acquired over the years I should get some kind of insurance break. I'm not sure my HR person will go for it but it's worth a conversation and makes me get that tattoo itch I should also scratch.

Sources: Al

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