Dermablend wanted to flex its muscles and show just how effective their tattoo coverup makeup was with a demonstration. So what did they do? They covered the world's most tattooed man.

Meet Rick Genest, a Canadian actor from Lasalle, Montreal. While he might act, model and work as an artist, his biggest claim to fame is that he's called "Zombie Boy" for having covered most of his body in tattoos depicting skeletal parts.

In the video above, you see him looking seemingly unblemished with his shirt removed. For being the world's most tattooed man, he's certainly missing a lot of ink in the first part of the video. Then Genest starts rubbing into chest with a pad, removing what is revealed to be the tattoo coverup makeup that Dermablend created.

The rest of the video is a behind-the-scenes rewind that shows the process of covering Genest with the product in order to cover his skeletal tattoos which are shown in all of their glory at the very end. Maybe the Invisible Man should invest in some of this stuff.

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