The temperatures are rapidly rising in the Sioux Empire which gives residents more reason to enjoy cold, delicious ice cream. However, one man must not like the taste of ice cream if he felt the need to rob a popular Sioux Falls ice cream spot.

B&G Mikyway is truly a staple here in Sioux Falls and throughout the Sioux Empire. You can't find a single person who doesn't love this establishment’s ice cream. Well, maybe except for one guy who helped himself to one of the tip jars at a Sioux Falls B&G Mikyway.

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Late Monday afternoon, the staff at B&G Mikyway posted a shocking video of a man stealing money from the drive-thru tip jar of its West 41st St. location. The site even posted this astonishing video on its Facebook page.

The video of this individual stealing is so clear that B&G Mikyway decided to reach out to the public for their help. B&G Mikyway provided a description of the man along with a reward for whomever provides helpful information in locating this individual.

If anyone recognizes this individual who just stole our tip jar at the W. 41st St location, please contact us or the police. He has a tattoo on his left lower arm that says “1991” and tattoos higher up. His moped has a yellow smiley face sticker on the back.
$100 in Milkyway gift certificates to anyone with creditable information leading to the arrest of this individual.
Thanks to the community's support and keen observations,  B&G Mikyway has received plenty of valuable tips to share with the City of Sioux Falls Police Department.
There is no official word yet regarding the identity of the thief. However, apprehending the guilty party certainly would not be possible without the B&G Mikyway ice cream lovers! It just demonstrates the strength and integrity of the Sioux Falls community. #SiouxFallsStrong

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