One of the best parts about summer is enjoying delicious ice cream. A favorite, local  establishment that offers top notch sweet ice cream treats is B&G Milkyway.

Just as the lazy, hazy days of summer are becoming a distant memory and the new school year springs into high gear, all eight B&G Milkyway locations across the Sioux Empire will soon be closing until next year. Closing dates for the season have been announced for some of the B&G Milkyway locations.

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The B&G Milkyway staff highly recommends ice cream lovers to "stop in and stock up for winter!" B&G Milkyway does a great job keeping its loyal ice cream eaters updated on the operating hours of each site. The best way to find out about the last dates for the B&G Milkyway season is to visit the ice cream shop's Facebook page.

I was driving around Sioux Falls over the weekend when I noticed the B&G Milkyway storefront on 69th Street released its closing date for the season. This location will top off it’s ice cream season on Sunday, October 23rd. The ice cream emporiums on West 41st Street and 12th Street in Sioux Falls already ended their seasons for the year.

I remember when I had my first B&G Milkyway ice cream dessert. I was totally hooked! The ice cream chain offers so many different ice cream creations and classic favorites. I definitely can’t get enough of its Avalanches, especially those that just ooze chocolate. Death By Chocolate, Brownie, Brownie Batter, Monster Cookie, Mudslide...just thinking of these Avalanche treats makes me extremely hungry!

We can all get through winter together knowing that in just four or five short months B&G Milkyway will open again for another delicious season. Yum!

What's your favorite ice cream treat from B&G Milkyway?

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