Another hot summer weekend in Sioux Falls was filled with gun violence.

This time, two shootings occurred within twelve hours of each other in roughly the same exact neighborhood.

Dakota News Now is reporting that the first bout of gunfire rang out during the early morning hours on Saturday (July 30) near the Lucky Lady Casino on West 11th Street.

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A second shooting occurred around 9:40 later that morning near 12th Street and Summit Avenue.

An eyewitness to the second shooting told Dakota News Now that she "Heard a couple of pops, I looked out my window, I saw a male vehicle shooting at this parking lot. There were several people at the fence line, and everyone scattered. I heard them screaming call 911.”

The witness saw a person injured lying alongside the fence line in the parking lot. She immediately sprang into action to help and quickly noticed the victim had been wounded in the leg. The report states the victim was eventually transported to a Sioux Falls hospital for treatment.

According to Dakota News Now, authorities were given a description of the shooter's vehicle, and police spotted the suspect's car a short time later at the Speedway gas station near 41st Street and Kiwanis Avenue.

Officers arrested the suspect and he remains in custody at this time.

Police say a total of 22 shots were fired during the second shooting incident alone.

Needless to say, people who live in the neighborhood where the shootings occurred are more than just a little concerned.

One of the people Dakota News Now interviewed said, "It’s pretty sad when you have two shootings on the same street, all within 12 hours."

One thing is certain it's becoming very common these days to wake up most mornings and hear about some form of gunfire or gun violence within the Sioux Empire.

Unfortunately, it appears to be the price we continue to pay for a city that is growing as rapidly as Sioux Falls.

Source: Dakota News Now


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