It's just what you think would happen when the Super Bowl MVP and the Greatest Basketball Player of all time get together for a quick pick-up game in the Bahamas:  plenty of trash-talk.

They probably could have charged admission for this pick-up game with Tom Brady and Michael Jordan on Saturday, March 28, 2015.

Even though the 'King of the Court' is now 52-years old and the whole pick-up game isn't available on YouTube, some things with Mr. Space Jam just don't change. After dropping a shot from just past the free-throw stripe, Jordan is heard saying,

"Do you have YouTube? Put on Michael Jordan, for real."

But Jordan isn't the only one with a sweet shot. Even though many think he's the most unathletic quarterback that's not very mobile AND he's playing with a baseball hat on backwards, Tom Brady proves that he really is a good basketball player and drains it from the top of the key.

After the pick-up game of basketball, Jordan and Brady then hit the links.


Source:  thebiglead


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