A pregame full of fireworks, great commercials, two amazing teams, an entertaining halftime show, and all the excitement of the big game helped Super Bowl Sunday feel somewhat normal in a far from the normal world.

We are all fully aware that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc throughout this country, but with more vaccinations coming daily accompanied by lowering infection rates in some areas, optimism is on the horizon.

That optimism was felt in my household for hours during the game as my wife, kids and I made a ton of food, played some indoor football, and watched Tom Brady capture his seventh Super Bowl ring.

The Buccaneers were able to control the Chiefs from the start and the domination lasted all game in route to the 31-9

When the Buccaneers went out and got Tom Brady, they had the worst winning percentage in all four major pro sports history and Brady had the highest win percentage with one thing staying the same and the other completely changing.

Football is a team game, and we all know getting through this pandemic, teamwork is essential.

Celebrating the teamwork it took to win a title on Super Bowl Sunday along with all the storylines that unfolded on the field was a perfect way to end the NFL season.

So thank you, we all needed a Super Bowl.

For more information on the Super Bowl and the National Football League, you can visit their website.

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