Sure, these aren't just any pair of used shoes. These shoes were worn by Michael Jordan in a 1985 exhibition game. These are the Holy Grail for sneaker-heads everywhere.

Famed auction house Christie's sold the Nike Air Jordan 1 High sneakers for a record price of $615,000 at a recent auction.

The shoes were worn in Trieste, Italy during an exhibition game where Jordan shattered a glass backboard after a slam dunk. What makes these shoes even more special is a small shard of the glass from the backboard remains embedded in the sole of the left shoe.

The video below features the infamous dunk and shows the shoes that were just sold.

The hammer price of $615,000 breaks the record set by another pair of Jordans that sold for $560,000 just a few months ago. How soon before we see $1 million paid for game-worn shoes? You know it's coming!

Christie's sold another pair of Jordan game-worn shoes from a 1992 game for $112,000 in the same auction.

Wouldn't it be nice to get money for bills or to buy something simply by selling your old shoes? Want a new car? Sell your smelly gym shoes. Need a new refrigerator? Auction off those 10-year-old flip-flops.

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