Trace Adkins is back to make sure listeners have a rollickin' good time with his new song, "Just the Way We Do It."

Sure, the buoyant tune arrives in a world full of dire uncertainty. But Adkins himself calls it "just a fun song, and it's sure to alleviate some stress with its four minutes of Cajun-inspired, foot-stomping revelry.

At least that's how Adkins makes it seem in a recent interview with the Tennessean. To the Nashville-based newspaper, the Louisiana native also illustrates the deep well of creativity from which he draws. It's one not necessarily bound to the geography of his home base.

"I'm from the northern part of the state," Adkins explains. "Cajun influence really isn't as prevalent where I'm from. Still, when I started playing music, I was working with a band from Lafayette … and we'd go play festivals down there. I was exposed to a lot of that stuff. I always liked it. It kinda felt like home to me."

But how does the singer handle hard times that follow the fun? At 58 years old, the country music veteran takes a cue from his progeny in rolling with whatever comes his way.

"I've got kids and grandkids," Adkins says. "It's that resignation, like, 'OK. This is gonna happen. Here we go.' You just resign yourself to it, play along and … make sure nothing too crazy's going on."

"Just the Way We Do It" — which comes with an accompanying music video — will be included on the singer's upcoming EP, Ain't That Kind of Cowboy. It's out Oct. 16 via Verge Records.

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