It's a hairstyle that many of Hollywood's A-listers started wearing, and now it seems that just about everyone with longer hair (both women AND men) have started twisting their locks to the top of their head. Even though they are trendy right now, the "Top Knot" (when worn by a woman) or "Man Bun" (when worn by a man) may be super easy, but they may be causing one major problem - hair loss.

Dermatologists are now saying,

That longstanding pull or traction on the hair can pull the hair out and ultimately lead to permanent scarring, which is something we call traction alopecia.

Traction alopecia is a permanent type of hair loss that develops if hair is pulled too tight for extended lengths of time, scarring the hair follicle. Once the follicle is scarred, the hair can never grow back.

But if you know someone that refuses to give up the "Top Knot" or "Man Bun", expert hairstylists say there are ways that the trendy style can still be worn, without causing hair loss.

Try moving the placement of the "Top Knot" or "Man Bun". In other words, don't always place the twisted hair in the same exact location. Experts also say avoid the style if you have wet or even damp hair, and don't pull on the "knot" or "bun" while the hair is secured tightly in the elastic pony tail holder.

Of course opponents of the "Top Knot" and "Man Bun" say the best way to avoid risking hair loss is simple: just don't do it - especially when it comes to "Man Buns". Many feel strongly about the trendy hair style for men saying,

"Man Buns will void the man card."

"Man Buns only work for cartoon samurai. All else should leave the hairstyle alone."

"Man Buns will also lead to a loss of not only hair, but pride and dignity."

Whether you like them or not, just remember that those that have noticed some hair loss because of the style should remember to ease up on the tightness and try not to wear the style everyday, no matter how much you want to resemble Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio or social media sensation Brock O'Hurn.