A major element of one of the family vehicles got a needed repair. Now I don’t feel so bad because apparently this repair happens frequently.

For a certain segment of vehicles of a certain age, the gauge package will not outlive the usefulness of the car. Exhibit A: minivan about 10 years old.

First the fuel indicator started failing. This was irksome, but manageable.  If you reset the trip odometer every time you get fuel, you fill the tank after so many miles.

When the speedometer became unreliable, then the need for upgrade is more severe. There’s nothing like going down a major Sioux Falls street and the kids say, “We’re going 90 miles per hour! Yee-haw!” while keeping with the flow of traffic.

So we got it repaired to the tune of a few C-notes. The mechanic says they get numerous fixes of that nature every month which means others are getting their gauge packages replaced.

Let’s take a moment and say a word of prayer for the dearly departed. Then we give a petition of protection for the other vehicle’s indicators which are also starting to act a little strange.