Is there such a thing as 'toilet paper anxiety?' I'm no psychologist, but if I was I would suggest that the anxiety is real!  With the recent news of Coronavirus and COVID-19, the one shelf in the store that is most likely empty is that where the toilet paper resides.

Over the years, we used to joke when having to cut a radio commercial for a grocery store that was promoting toilet paper. The owner of the store would always say something like, Hey, everybody uses it! Everybody needs it.

Monday morning I was setting up my new at work area in a corner of the basement at our house. We've had adult children move out over the past few years and have a TUB ALLEY with tubs of 'their stuff' that they haven't taken to their place, yet. I was looking inside one today and what did I find? Two hot items. Actually one hot item, and the other that's as rare as can be. It was a quarter roll of toilet paper!

This past weekend, my wife and I were picking up a few items at the store. I couldn't help but wonder IF we were able to score a package of toilet paper, would I feel guilty going to the checkout with the HOT ITEM? Would I wonder if those checking my cart, [you know who you are, and you know you do it] would wonder if I was a 'hoarder of the soft, pliable precious commodity?

We didn't go out and buy toilet paper when the rush originally hit. Usually, we have enough in the house to last what would seem like a year. However, every time you walk in a store and meander over to the toilet paper aisle, you can't help but start to get a little anxious. How long will it be till stores catch up? What will we do if they don't catch up! Will they ever catch up?  Worse yet, what if they get it, and I have to take it to the checkout counter while all the other shoppers in the store watch. Wondering, If I actually needed it, or if I was stocking up.

I can hear it now. Did you find everything you were looking for? I know. It makes you nervous just thinking about it.

Make sure you share this story with your toilet paper, anxious friends. You know who they are!

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