The other day I was entering in some technical information for my wife on her new Kindle. You know, where you type in some companies IP address or whatever you call it. I say whatever, because I mean, whatever. I'm NOT the expert of the world when it comes to computers, but sometimes I'm put into that situation at the house.

I was dutifully entering the information. She would say the address and I-would-punch-in-the-information. Then, she got to "backslash, backslash."

After about the 3 time she told me backslash I got to wondering if she meant forwardslash.

I said, if I stick man is walking from left to right, which is how you type and is leaning forward he would be leaning in the direction he was walking. I looked up to a blank stare. She was not amused.

// In my world, 'forward slash.' Or in this case slashes.

\\ in my world 'backward slash, or back slash'.

So, am I correct?

It's not about being correct, it's about putting the right information in. How about you. Any discussions come up like this at your house? That can drive you nuts? Kind of like this?

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