Actually, the title of this story is a little misleading. It should have been three things to remember while working on a farm if you don't normally work on a farm.

I don't know about you, but when I'm doing something different, for the first time, things go FAST! I found that out again this past weekend while helping my brother Carl harvest some soybeans in South Central South Dakota.

My role was to drive the grain cart. There's more to it than you might think. You are actually the one that's keeping track of how much is going to town. After taking copious notes I was ready to go. The first thing I learned was, it's OK to ask questions.

We were doing beans, which meant we were not going to be going as fast as if we were doing corn or milo. This time I checked my notes EVERY time to see that I was doing things in the right order. The first thing I learned, is farming can be kind of stressful when you're starting a new task.

The second thing I realized was, in a dry field, It's a little harder to know exactly where to drive the tractor, pulling the grain cart that the combine is emptying into while we're moving. That's when I noticed that I was gripping a little cotton.

I know what you farm guys and gals are thinking. Oh, it's easy! Well, you're right. After you do it a few times it does 'slow down,' in your mind.

The third thing I learned was, it's OK to turn around and see what's behind you, and how close to other trucks combines you maybe might be. I had a close call. But nothing was damaged. This was a good reminder of that when in doubt, take notes and go slow till you get the hang of things!

Our farmer friends are busy in the fields with the fall harvest right now. Keep an eye open for them, and remember, they might not be able to see you like you 'see them.' Be safe everyone!

Thank you for sharing this with your farmer friends on Facebook and Twitter or, if you farm, share it with your city friends, and have them come out and help. Just make sure they take notes. And don't nod their head up and down right away.

JD Collins via Sprint Sioux Falls
JD Collins via Sprint Sioux Falls
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