Beauty is in the eye of the corn-holder. This Insider magazine surveyed the land from coast-to-coast in search of the coolest building in every state. The much-ballyhooed Corn Palace in Mitchell took the top prize.

After all, it's made out of - you guessed it - corn and the the mural changes every year. They have concessions and clean restrooms for travelers and you can buy a shot glass for your friends, because whiskey is made from corn!

Have you ever visited the coolest building from any of our neighboring states?

Iowa: Grotto of the Redemption in West Bend. Made of rare gems and fossils, it's designed by Father Paul Dobberstein as a shrine to the Virgin Mary.

Minnesota: The Marjorie McNeely Conservatory at Saint Paul's Como Park. At 102 years-old, this huge garden and butterfly home is remarkable.

Nebraska: Lincoln's International Quilt Study Center & Museum. made almost entirely out of glass, it houses the largest quilt collection in the world!

North Dakota: Bismarck's Heritage Center. Our neighbors to the north are rich in dinosaur fossils and this gorgeous glass cube of a building is home to the 65 million year-old finds.

Wyoming: Make no bones about it, Cheekily is known as "The World's Oldest Building," located off of US Route 30/287. Unbelievably, it's made almost entirely of dinosaur bones!

While New York boasts the Chrysler Building and New Mexico is home to the Taos Pueblos, you can find exciting buildings and architecture right here in the upper midwest!

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