Each state across the country boasts something that makes it unique.  In South Dakota alone, you can find various sites and historical landmarks that no other state can claim.  These include Mount Rushmore, Falls Park, The Crazy Horse Memorial, and Wall Drug.

Besides the historical aspects of South Dakota, there are different tourist attractions that people just have to see to believe.  In fact, there is one popular attraction in the Sioux Empire that can be definitely described as "unusual."  You certainly won't find a building like this in a big city or in any city for that matter since there's really only one.

When individuals hear of Mitchell, South Dakota, they might automatically think of The World's Only Corn Palace. According to House Beautiful, this is apparently the "most unusual" building in the entire state of South Dakota.

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House Beautiful recently released a list of "The Most Unusual Buildings In Every State Across America."  This article showcases one building from every state that is unique and separates it from the rest.  In my opinion, it cannot get more unusual and unique than The Corn Palace.  I have never seen another building that is made entirely out of corn! Well...at least the exterior walls are made from corn.

The design of the walls outside of The Corn Palace changes every year.  One year, the walls were dedicated to musicians known as the "Rock of Ages."  Last year, the walls were all about "South Dakota Home Grown," which highlighted everything that's unique about South Dakota.  The design even included a corn mural design of The Corn Palace itself! This video perfectly highlights last year's design.

This year's theme for The Corn Palace’s walls is "South Dakota: Stay & Play."  You can check out those photos from this year's mural on its Facebook page.

The Corn Palace might be a bit unusual and corny...but it really makes South Dakota the state it is!  There truly is no place like corn.


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