The Masked Singer took a break for some big baseball game. I think it's called The World Series. Heard of it? Just kidding. Seriously though, the show took a brief hiatus and was back with Group B and the last Wild Card.

The show started off with Mallard. New clues this week talked about a famous family and being friends with Luke Bryan. I really think it might be someone from Duck Dynasty, but is the Mallard costume too obvious?

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Caterpillar's clue package included the fact that they didn't know their family until they were much older. The voice is very good and the panel keeps guessing people in boy bands, but I know boy bands, and none of those voices match! This one has me so curious!

Queen of Hearts definitely gives off country vibes and the voice is very familiar. Part of me wants to guess Katharine Mcphee, but I'm pretty sure Katharine McPhee is Banana Split. Could someone be two masks?

Banana Split is definitely Katharine McPhee and David Foster. Still holding on to that guess!

The last Wild Card was introduced last night! Meet Beachball.

Beachball's performance was, well, not great. But hey, the show isn't about good singers, it's about guessing voices. The performance did reveal that there were two people in the Beachball!

I was stumped. I thought the panel's guess of Snooki and JWoww was decent.

In the end, Beachball was not here long. They got voted out. And Beachball was revealed as...Honey Boo Boo and Mama June!


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