In the seventh season of The Masked Singer, the show is trying to mix it up a bit.

Instead of just having these masked performers come out one by one and do their thing, for this season, they are divided into three groups or teams.

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The three teams are The Good, The Bad, and The Cuddly.

Group 1 was introduced a couple of weeks ago and that bunch has been widdled down to just Firefly to compete in the later rounds. I still think Firefly is Monica.

Group 2 has Ringmaster still in the running. I still think Ringmaster is Emily Osment.

Now on to Group 3! I apologize for my predictions being late, but I was out of town last week. Better late than never!

First up from Team Good was The Prince. My first guess from just hearing the voice was Josh Groban, but I'm not sure any of the clues match up.

Next was Baby Mammoth from Team Cuddly. I think it is Toni Basil because there were quite a few cheerleader references and the "Hey Mickey" music video was all cheerleaders. Toni Basil is also a famous dancer, cheerleader, and choreographer.

Also from Team Cuddly was Space Bunny. At first, I could have sworn it was Tom Jones, but as the song went on, I changed my mind. I think Space Bunny is George Lopez.

Team Bad's first contestant was Queen Cobra. I think it could be Vanessa Williams or Alicia Silverstone.

The next performer for Team Bad was Jack in the Box. Full disclosure, I knew it was Rudy Giuliani because I saw a spoiler.

In the end, Jack in the Box was unmasked and it was indeed Rudy Giuliani. Ken Jeong walked off the set. Because the show is taped, I knew this controversial moment was coming. During the show, they didn't show Robin Thicke leaving the set, but reports said he also exited with Ken.


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