How is it already the sixth season of The Masked Singer? Seems impossible, but here we are.

This season, the premiere episode was a two-night event with three eliminations and two wild cards!

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This season we will also see the 'Take It Off' buzzer, which, from my understanding, means any of the members of the panel can hit that button and the contestant has to reveal themselves instantly. Interesting idea.

So, let's get down to the performers!

Skunk- My first thought was Faith Evans. However, the panel guessed Diana Ross or Lauryn Hill, and those are also in the realm of possibility.

Octopus- Purely based on the height and one of the statements about rising from adversity, I thought Lamar Odom. Jenny McCarthy guessed Dennis Rodman, which I didn't hate.

Puffer Fish- Even though she tried to have an accent and it wasn't in this singer's signature low register, I thought Toni Braxton right away. Also, the second clue package mentioned a religious upbringing and I know the Braxtons were a church family.

Mother Nature- My first instinct was Niecy Nash. However, the costume's cape hides some of the body so it was hard to tell body type. Robin guessed Tracee Ellis Ross and that would be fun if Skunk was Diana Ross and her daughter was also on the show. I guess we will have to wait and see.

The Bull- The Bull is Todrick Hall. I know this for certain! 100%

The episode ended with a surprise double elimination!

Octopus was sent home and revealed to be Dwight Howard. I was surprised by how good of a singer he was.

Mother Nature was the second to be voted out, however, just when the mask was to come off, the show ended. Cliffhanger! Have to tune in tomorrow!

Ok, so now it's night two. 24 hours have passed and we finally get to see who Mother Nature is! Mother Nature is... Vivica A. Fox! I guess there won't be a mother/daughter moment with Diana Ross and Tracee Ellis Ross. I really thought it was Niecy Nash though. Dang it!

After a double elimination, we are now introduced to two wild card contestants.

Hamster- Hear me out, I'm thinking John Stamos. On Full House, John Stamos sang Elvis-type songs all the time and this performance reminded me of that.

Baby- I literally have no idea. The panel had guesses like Vin Diesel and Chuck Norris. Sure, why not?

At the end of night two, Puffer Fish was voted off. I am proud to say that Puffer Fish was indeed Toni Braxton and I am a genius. I saw through the fake accent, but I'm still surprised at how good of a rapper she is! Get it, girl!

Seeya next week to guess some more ridiculous masked performers!

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