Argus Leader RibFest on the parking lot of the Sioux Falls Arena.  I remember it well. Crash from Bee 102.7 had told me these guys are great.  You'll love them JD.  You'll love their energy and you'll love the way they play the rockin' blues that they are well known for throughout the Midwest.

Zach and Kenny Kasik. They cut their teeth on Aerosmith and something else cool and rocky and bluesy and they are now off chasing the dream of playing a big stage in front of a big audience.

Know what?  That don't matter squat.  They're playing. I saw a facebook post from Zach the other night somewhere out in Los Angeles and today I see a post from Kenny who's crankin' it up somewhere in Nashville tonight.

Folks, this ain't some beer commercial 'slug line,' but this is what it's all about.  Living the dream. Chasin' the high of a crowd, a microphone and the love of the feel of a guitar in your hand.  These guys are out there living the dream.

If they were minor league baseball players you could relate.  But their in mini vans running up credit card bills trying to 'find that big deal in the sky.'

We talk about these people every day. Rehme Sutton, Dustin Evans, Hailey Steele, Ken and Zach Kasik.  People hustling, scraping and scratching the itch because God's told them it's the thing to do.  It's the thing to do now.

All these possible 'future stars'  are going to be back in town this summer.  Find them.  Seek them out.  Pat them on the back. Support them and support those who are supporting them.   Buy a beer at the place they're playing and listen to their music.

Will the all make it in the industry?  Maybe not, but you have to give them a truck load of credit.

While the rest of us are working, farming or whatever the heck we're doing, their plugging it in and hoping it hits the mother load.

Here's to those who have dreams big enough to follow them!  To them we say, 'go get those dreams.  Make us proud!'