Everybody has that moment when they realize they're not where they thought they would be right now. It doesn't matter what your occupation is. Doesn't matter what your goals were. When it hits, it can hurt.  It hit for Singer Songwriter Hailey Steele when she sat down with fellow songwriter Jay Clementi on her leap year birthday last year. The lyric goes;

I've got faith it'll all work, I'm just not where I thought I'd be right now.


Steele's new song, Where I Thought I'd Be will be released Friday, March 11th on I-Tunes. (pre order your copy now) The song has a haunting feel as it should. Hailey's not the only person who has thought the same thing.

She did say that the song isn't meant to be a downer, more of a, well I thought I'd be further-faster. The time-line of my life isn't happening as fast as I would like. I asked her if it was more of a reflection of the process we all go through and she said yes!

Isn't that what Country Music is supposed to be? Real stories and real life?  I doubt there is anyone reading this who hasn't thought the same thing. We want, but we want it now. Steele told me over the phone, the time-lines we plan out for success when we're 18 years old don't always come as fast as we'd like.

Hailey also mentioned a friend who was on The Voice Monday night, Brittany Kennell did have a great performance and is now a member of Team Blake!  Steele added that Kennell is the first Canadian to perform on The Voice. In case you missed that performance like I did here it is.

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