Before too long, and sooner than I'm ready for, my kids will be of driving age. That means they will be soon be in the market for cars of their own. In less than ten years I will have two new drivers in my house and they will want cars.

Assuming that I don’t win the lottery or sell one of my screenplays any time soon, I'm willing to bet that the cars my kids drive in the future will be cars from the past. Their past and our present, 2018. That is if they can save their money better than their dad can. By the way, I have this movie idea about a father and son that switch bodies, I think that those kinds of films are due for a comeback. Hit me up if you know any big-time producers.

Anyways, since the cars that my younglings will be piloting have probably already been produced, I thought It’d be a good idea to research what would be the best cars made this year that will still be good in the future. What will be the safest and still in pretty good shape in 2025, or so, when they’re in the market for a car.

All of this is assuming that the robots and driverless cars haven’t taken over, yet.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) tested and rated 2018 model year vehicles for their safety performance. They ranked what they believe are the safest cars on the road today. We can then make an educated guess that by the time my kids are ready to slide behind the wheel of a late-model car these are what they should get.

Again, leaving the lottery and instant fame scenarios aside, my children will probably be in the market for a small to midsize car when the time comes. Looking at the IIHS report, Toyota, Kia and Subaru dominate as the safest cars.


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