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Red Thumb Reminder Saves Lives
Everyone knows that distracted driving is dangerous and could be deadly. But one man is on a crusade to try to get drivers to stop. And he is using something as simple as a bottle of red nail polish.
What do You Think Kickin’ Country?
The City of Sioux Falls voted 7-0 last night to implement a new law for motorists in Sioux Falls.   The Big Breakfast's Dan Collins spoke with Sioux Falls Chief of Police Doug Barthel in the Kickin' studios this morning.
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Sioux Falls City Council Passes Texting and Driving Ban
The Sioux Falls City Council voted 7-0 Tuesday night and passed a texting and driving ban. Beginning at the end of September you could be looking at up to a $200 fine and 30 days in jail if you are spotted by law enforcement or cause an accident while using your phone to text while behind the wheel.