Remember the days when all someone had to worry about while driving was the song on the radio? It's a different world today.

Today, everyone from beginning drivers to people that have been driving for MANY years, all deal with something called "distracted driving".

What started out as answering that ringing cell phone, has quickly changed to more.  People are texting, posting, updating or even Words With Friends-ing, and all while driving something that weighs a couple thousand pounds and has the capability of taking the life of someone's loved one.

Everyone knows that distracted driving is dangerous, and, unfortunately, is a bad habit for matter their age.  Despite states passing laws to stop distracted driving, many drivers continue with this habit.

But one man is on a crusade to try to get drivers to stop.  And he is using something as simple as a bottle of red nail polish.  He calls his campaign 'Red Thumb Reminder', and he hopes others will see this as an old school solution to a new world problem.

Simply paint your texting thumbnail with red nail polish.  Then, each time you reach for your phone while you are driving, it will serve as a red warning to stop, put your phone down and concentrate on what you should be doing behind the wheel....DRIVING!

This silly trick helped break the distracted driving habit of the founder of the 'Red Thumb Reminder' project.  Those that are participating in the 'Red Thumb Reminder' say that it became an easy way to break the habit of something that could be deadly.

As a mother of two teens who can NOT live without their phone and insist on driving everywhere, I've decided to try this.  I will admit...these two boys were not willing to paint their whole thumbnail like the founder of the 'Red Thumb Reminder' project.  So, we compromised.  I explained to them how important they were to me and how I thought this would help remind them to put their phone down while in the car, and they agreed to a red dot on their thumbs as their reminder.  As silly as it sounds, the hope is that it'll work for someone else. One red thumbnail at a time.

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