This is by no means scientific, but I was quite surprised over my noon hour.  I was sitting in traffic and I began to count the number of people who were talking on their cell phones.

Out of 45 cars I counted, 20 drivers were talking on their cell phones.  5 were oblivious to anything around them, such as red lights turning green and other little things like not signaling for turns and lane changes.

At one stoplight, I spotted one lady texting.  I checked with one of Sioux Falls finest.  Texting at a stoplight even though you're at a standstill is not ok.  You are still operating a motor vehicle and the texting ban applies.

We depend on our cell phones and smart phones more than ever.  I tend to think if this was 1978, we wouldn't be able to last 5 minutes.  They give us the latest news, information, weather and of course, constant contact with everyone.  We seem to need this constant stimuli in our lives so we can be in the know.

We have gotten to the point where our old cell phones are littering our drawers with other broken and unneeded items.  They are going to become those heirlooms like glasses and rings that will be passed down to the next generation.

I know a couple of people who have that bluetooth thingamajig in their ear constantly.  Every time I picture them in my mind, I picture them with it in their ear.  I'm not fooling.

Maybe when they die, they will be lying in their casket with it still in their ear.




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