If you've ever found yourself scrolling on Instagram or Tik Tok, it's possible you've come across the steady hand challenge. What people are doing is holding out one of their hands, filming how steady they are, and then revealing what they do for work.

Check out this chef and surgeon and look how steady their hands are! Not only am I not smart enough to be a surgeon of any kind, my hands surely aren't steady enough to perform the kind of work they have to. I'm not sure if it's from drinking coffee in the mornings, having weak hands, or what but I've never remembered having very steady hands.

I'd be very curious to see the crane operator, who used their steady hands to help lift someone out of a concrete tank, attempt this challenge. The person who fell in this tank sure was lucky this operator was able to successfully pull this off.

According to KCRG, a crane operator helped lift someone out of a concrete tank on a job construction site in Nevada, Iowa. The person who fell, dropped about 25 feet. When I was younger, I always wanted the opportunity to ride around on a crane. This isn't exactly the situation I had in mind.

KCRG reports, emergency crews arrived at the 62000 block of 270th street after it was reported someone had fallen into the tank. This wasn't an easy operation for responders or the crane operator to navigate through as the tank was somewhat difficult to access. The location this tank is currently at is a part of an ongoing construction site. In situations like this, it can be hard to get close to an injured person with various equipment, as there can be all kinds of things blocking you from getting very close.

Not only was the tank difficult to access, but there was also a bit of engineering that went into being able to get the person out. On the Nevada Fire Department's Facebook page, they report having to use a system of ropes, carabiners, and a rescue basket, included with the crane to retrieve the individual.

KCRG reports the individual who had fallen was brought to a hospital for an evaluation and his condition is believed as non-life-threatening.

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