State College Tuition Due Thursday - that's a five word title that will put the fear of God into you if you are a college student or if you are a parent or grandparent of a college student. I know. Our kids, my wife and I and others are going through it right now.

Face it. There's a lot of pressure and stress on students to get good grades, but here's a news flash - college is expensive! Even with the loans and loans and LOANS there are other 'please pay here signs.'

We have two kids in college. Logan is a Senior at Northern State University and our youngest, Tad is a freshmen at SDSU.

Oh, we have the money (thankfully!), but moving it around from our account to theirs and from accounts that my mom and dad put together for them years ago can get to be quite a task. Between trips to the banks and texts and phone conversations with all involved I'm ready for a slow evening.

I think we have things where we need to have them for the Thursday deadline. If not, we have emergency plans in place, but it's hectic and sort of stressful.

If you are going through the same scenario you're most likely nodding your head in agreement. College is expensive. It's just a stage in life.

It's a chore moving money around and it's a relief when it's all done.

All in all, it's a good exercise. After all students today will be making house payments and other payments very soon. It's probably good practice!