Think about the weirdest talent you can imagine and there probably is a Guinness record for it.

Case in point, may I present a man from Malaysia who was awarded a Guinness World Record for something that you may not have thought was a real thing until now, he stacked three eggs vertically.

According to Guinness, 20-year-old Mohammed Muqbel from Kuala Lumpur was awarded the record for the world's largest stack of eggs.  As the video below shows, he was able to balance three chicken eggs in a tower formation.

To get the record, Guinness required that the eggs stand for at least five seconds and all the eggs had to be fresh and free from cracks in the shells.

The ability to stack eggs doesn't happen overnight, it has to be honed through years of tedious training and discipline.  Muqbel says he has been teaching himself to stack eggs since the age of 6.  The secret lies with being able to identify the center of mass for each egg.

No word on whether the eggs were used to make a tasty omelet after the stunt.

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