The Rubik's Cube seems to be the object of many Guinness World Record attempts. But here is an inspiring story that makes me ask myself, "What did I do today?"

An 11-year-old girl from Ontario Canada has just broken a Guinness World Record by solving 30 Rubik's cubes... one-handed... while hula hooping. She did what??

To break the record, Sankavi Rathan had to solve the cubes with one hand while keeping the hula hoop moving around her body.

I can't even imagine the concentration and muscle memory needed to pull this off.

Rathan told Guinness that she originally wanted to set the record because she has limited mobility in one of her hands.

The best part is Rathan broke her own previous record of 25. Guinness said the record took about an hour to set her current record.

I'm old enough to remember when the Rubik's Cube first hit in the 80s and even back then I couldn't solve the dang thing! Here comes a talented young girl that not only can solve one cube, but she can solve 30 of them, with one hand, while hula hooping. I can't even hula hoop without throwing out my back!

Amazing talent.

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