How do you know if your'e living in misery? It depends who you ask.

I happen to love South Dakota. We've got great fishing, hiking, hunting, and camping. Great commerce and shopping. Sure we're "hill-challenged" until you reach the western side of the state - but I still love it.

The folks at HomeSnacks crunched the numbers that most states wouldn't want to see. Call it a misery index if you will.

Based on our cities data including unemployment rates, population density, crime, education, median income, and housing costs, they've determined South Dakota's worst places to live - or most miserable.

10. Madison
9. Lead
8. Huron
7. Milbank
6. Watertown
5. Rapid City
4. Winner
3. Flandreau
2. Hot Springs
1. Redfield

Do you agree with these rankings?

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