KICKIN' COUNTRY has given away nearly $30,000 to ten local winners and the list keeps growing. Our most recent winner was Denise from Yankton! Denise is a traveling nurse and was working in Sioux Falls when she correctly identified The St. Patrick's Day Secret Sound as a spur and won $8,700!

On May 31, Kickin' Country came back with the new 'Funner Summer Secret Sound'. That jackpot started at $5,000. Tell your friends, that we're back with the cash! Win yours with The New 99-1 and 100.5, Kickin' Country!

JD Collins
JD Collins


St Patrick's Day Secret Sound hints:

  • HINT #1 - You can hang them up 
  • HINT #2 - They are metal
  • HINT #3 - You can wear them
  • BOOM! WE HAD A WINNER! Congratulations to Denise from Yankton.

These were all the St. Patrick's Day Secret Sound incorrect guesses:

    • Shutting a Cash Register Drawer
    • Locking a deadbolt lock
    • Cash Register Drawer (again)
    • Shutting a lock on a safe
    • Electric postage machine
    • Parking meter
    • Paddle on a Pinball Machine
    • Stapler
    • Shoveling
    • Gas Handle Back in the Pump
    • Time Clock 3x
    • Starting a Car
    • Extension ladder locking in place
    • The screen lock button on a smartphone
    • Power stapler
    • Turning the switch on a riding mower
    • Self-inking stamp
    • Old fashioned Credit Card Machine
    • Power Door Locks
    • Pump Shotgun
    • Slot Machine
    • Pneumatic wrench
    • Rotary Phone
    • The shutter on a camera
    • Caulk Gun
    • Changing out the Bit on a Drill
    • Opening a Locker
    • A Pogo Stick
    • Pepper Grinder
    • Turnstyle you Walk Through, (Like at Menards)
    • Gum Ball Machine 2x
    • Money Vending Machine
    • Ratchet Strap
    • Car Lift
    • Putting coins in a Pool Table or Washer
    • Hole punch
    • Gum Ball Machine (again)
    • Garage door opener motor engaging
    • Push Bar on a Glass Door
    • Slide Projector
    • Hanging up Cordless Phone
    • Bell on a Bike
    • Time Clock Punching In
    • Office Calculator
    • Air Hose Winder
    • Winding a clock
    • Pull Chain on a Light 2x
    • Printer
    • Pendulum
    • VCR tape ejecting
    • Roller Coaster
    • Manual Can Opener
    • Winding Up a Toy
    • Vending Machine
    • Can Crusher
    • Ice maker on a refrigerator
    • Old manual alarm clock
    • Paper Cutter
    • Bowling ball return mechanism
    • Opening a jar
    • Paper towel dispenser
    • Manual Pencil Sharpener
    • Child Proof Plastic Cap
    • Credit Card Swipe on Old Machine
    • Sewing Machine
    • Tightening a Strap
    • Clicking a Computer Mouse
    • Tape Measurer
    • Manual Meat Grinder
    • Bop It *
    • Door Handle
    • Keurig Coffee Maker
    • Tea Pot
    • Wheel of Fortune Wheel
    • Manual Typewriter
    • Latch on a Gate
    • The Pendulum on a Clock
    • Kick Start a Motorcycle
    • Party Favor
    • Socket Wrench
    • Bop it Game X2
    • Metronome
    • A Come-Along on a Winch
    • The Paper Tray in a Copy Machine
    • A Nail Gun
    • Mechanical Ice Cream Scooper
    • Coin Changer on Belt
    • Automatic Check Writer
    • Coffee Grinder
    • Door Stopper
    • Locker Opening
    • Seat Belt
    • Hands-on a Clock
    • Ink Pen Clicking In and Out
    • Abacus
    • Automatic Bit Changing Screwdriver
    • Connect Four Game
    • Padlock on a Locker
    • Door Knob
    • CD Changer
    • Jail Cell Door
    • Grandfather Clock
    • Eye Exam Machine
    • Automatic Air Freshener
    • Loading a DVD Player
    • Air Nail Gun
    • An emergency button on a door
    • Turning on a radio
    • Seat Belt
    • ATM Machine
    • Tightening a Gas Cap
    • Handle on a 5-Gallon Bucket
    • Wood Frog Toy
    • Recliner
    • Safety Bar on Carnival Ride
    • Screen Shot SFX on Cell Phone
    • Inserting a Key into a Deadbolt Lock
    • Rubik's Cube
    • Dog door
    • Shifting gears on a pedal bike
    • Bed Springs
    • Mandoline Vegetable Slicer
    • Unwinding a cassette tape
    • Lever Action Rifle
    • Opening a Post Office Box
    • Porch Swing
    • Cog Ratchet
    • Movement/tick From a Grandfather Clock
    • Locking/Unlocking a Sliding Door
    • Getting Pop From a Fountain Pop Machine
    • Old Fashioned Juke Box
    • The Deadbolt on a Door
    • A Soap Dispenser
    • Can crusher (again)
    • Handcuffs

The Kickin' Country Secret Sound has been one of 'the most talked-about things we have ever had here at Kickin' Country and it's back! Hopefully, we have a winner soon!

Kickin' Country App  can help you too! We'll be keeping track of our incorrect guesses there as well, so check back often so you have a better chance to win The Kickin' Country  Secret Sound!

Over the years, we've heard various ways that listeners like playing along with The Kickin' Country Secret Sound.  Most recently, Miranda shared that she listens every day at work with a co-worker trying to figure out the sound! Others listen by themselves, or with the kids on the way to work. Busses listen on the way to school. On the more difficult sounds, there will be some families or co-workers team up to call in. We have had numerous times when we seemingly shut down the phone lines here in Sioux Falls as listeners call in listening for cash.

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The Kickin' Country Secret Sound is another way to bring attention to the fact that we have an even easier way for you to listen to Kickin' Country here in Sioux Falls. 99-1 is now ALSO playing Kickin' Country. If you live here in Sioux Falls or Brandon or Southwest Minnesota or Northwest Iowa, you will most likely find a stronger signal at 99-1. For our friends to the West, nothing changed and you can still win if you listen to 100.5 as well! Oh, and with that Kickin' Country App, you can listen anywhere in the world!

Check out of Kickin' Country Wall of Local Winners here! 

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