South Dakota is home to the absolute best small towns in the country. From up in the northeast down to the southwest,from over there in the northwest to over here in the southeast.

And speaking of the southeast...

I was first introduced to Alcester back to just about the first day I moved to South Dakota back (ok, waaay back) in 1974. I had taken my first job in radio at KWYR in Winner, a great town in its own right, but not exactly just down the road from Alcester. But one of my first South Dakota friends worked at the station and he was from Alcester.

Doug Fickbohm called Alcester home. And so it was, I first heard about this town of 807 folks (according to the 2010 census).

Tucked down there in Union county, while Alcester can't claim to be the country seat (that honor goes to a great 'under a two-grand' town, Elk Point), Alcester is home to the Union County Fair.

But hold on, you don't have to wait for the Fair to enjoy Alcester. Why not spend a relaxing South Dakota summer afternoon and evening at the beautiful Herbert Anderson memorial Park? I'll bet you can find some friendly local folks that'll take you on in a time honored game of horse shoes. Bring the camper and stay a while, enjoy the swimming pool, park shelters and baseball field.

In fact, if you do a little exploring, you'll see Alcester has pretty much anything and everything you'll need and want, including medical facilities and an award winning school! So maybe, once you get'll want to stay there. And i don't blame you.

So on your summer (or winter) travels, go ahead and do yourself a favor...pull of that busy 'ol Interstate 29 and drop in to one of the greatest, friendliest small towns South Dakota has to offer.

Welcome to Alcester. Stay a while.

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