Well, that's an interesting name.


Now, a lot of South Dakota towns were named after someone associated with the railroad. You see, a lot of towns in South Dakota (and I'll bet just about every state) were formed when the railroad folks decided to run the rails through a certain area. Bingo! A new town would pop up and that town would be named after the head railroad guy, or his wife, or his daughter, or his cow, or his dog. But Centerville? Was there some guy named 'Center'?

No. In 1873 or so when this great town began, turns out it was located pretty much in the 'center' between Parker and Vermillion, so...Centerville!

882 friendly people according to the 2010 census, Centerville is the place 'Where YOU Make The Difference'.  If you're looking for a place with a thriving business community with family oriented traditional values, look no further. With a school system ranked in the top 10% in the state, when you bring the family to visit, well, you might just want to stay!

And take about location...this great South Dakota town is just 40 minutes or so from Sioux Falls and 40 minutes or so from Yankton. If you love the great outdoors and all the activities that entails, it's all around you!

And here's a bit of advice: How about visiting Centerville for the first time (or again) during Tornado Days? In 2017 its June 30 through July 3rd, and includes fun for children and adults. I'm not lyin', there's literally something for everyone, just check out the full schedule of events here.

But at the center of Centerville, its the people. Stop by for coffee or a cool drink, maybe a bit to eat, and you'll find yourself visiting with some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet. Yep, their motto is 'Where YOU Make The Difference', but in reality its they who make Centerville one of those great 'Under A Grand' South Dakota towns.

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