To answer the question you might be thinking of, yes, these donuts really are worth the 30-minute drive from Sioux Falls to get, especially for their trademarked Zebra. But all of their stuff is amazing.

The Royal Bake Shop in Centerville, South Dakota is open for business for 2022. That means that their trademarked Zebra Donut was back on shelves, at least for a very short while.

Their hours are from 6:00 am to noon Tuesday through Saturday. The appetite for the small town bakery's goods is quite high. By 7:46 am, keep an eye on their Facebook to make sure you beat the 'SOLD OUT' announcements.

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Describing the Zebra is hard to do. It's the best-glazed donut you've ever had, except it is made with a combination of chocolate and regular dough, thus the Zebra name. If that wasn't enough, a perfect chocolate frosting is added to the top. There is no better donut on the planet.

If you want to guarantee you get some, especially if driving from farther away than Viborg or Beresford, you can give them a call (605-563-2531) or leave a voice mail with your name and what you want. They don't take payment in advance, I tried once. Like a small-town bakery would have sixty years ago, they just trust you'll show up. If you don't, someone will definitely take them instead of you.

The family-run bakery goes hard the rest of the year. They closed up shop on December 18 to take a break for the holidays and do whatever they do through January and February.

Sometime in March, harps sound as a Facebook post announcing the impending reopening of the Royal Bake Shop is on the horizon, and usually quite soon. The year that post happened on Friday, March 25 and the shop opened four days later.

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