Cereal is a staple of American breakfast. The first breakfast cereal as we know it today was invented by a doctor in upstate New York in 1836, then John Kellogg took it from there, and now entire aisles of grocery stores are devoted to the delicious food.

So when I saw a Zippia.com article about each state's favorite cereal, I immediately wondered if Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Froot Loops would be South Dakota's favorite. I was mistaken and completely wrong. A little bit of shame was also mixed into those emotions.

Minnesota, Nebraska, and Montana had a legendary favorite cereal. Cinnamon Toast Crunch was the favorite there according to the Google Trends data Zippia used. No safer choice for a sweet cereal targeted squarely at kids.

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Iowa had a bit of a dark horse favorite but a solid choice as well in Cookie Crisp, a cereal my mom would not buy us as kids because you "don't have cookies for breakfast." I still don't know if she knew they weren't actual cookies or not.

North Dakota has a pretty good one too in Fruity Pebbles. The only knock on that one is that you can eat the whole box and feel like you chewed on delicious air for a while and never got satiated at all.

Of all of our bordering neighbors, I suppose Wyoming comes closest to having a boring favorite with Frosted Mini-Wheats. It is fairly adult, especially when compared to the others, yet it has a very sweet side to it is enjoyable.

That brings us to the shame of the 605. According to Zippia and there Google Trends data, the favorite cereal in South Dakota is Rice Krispies. Sure, it's not the worst cereal we could be googling the most. After all, Missouri's fave was Raisin Bran. It doesn't get more boring than that. But of all the classic breakfast cereals we could be searching for, like Cap 'n Crunch,  Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, we are all wrapped up in the bland snap, crackle, and pop?

The only thing that could explain (and excuse) that as our top cereal is if it was a byproduct of searching for the recipe for Rice Krispie bars, which are the greatest improvement to a product since the wheel went from a horse-drawn buggy to a car.

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