Hey Baby Boomer's, ever enjoy a heaping bowl of Quisp? How about Quake? Yes? Yep, me too.

So there you and I were, a cute kid in the 1960's (I don't care what you say, Mama said I was cute). Yeah, we had the oatmeal, the Wheaties, the Corn Flakes. But we were ready for something new to land on the kitchen table at breakfast!

And in 1965, it arrived...I mean...they arrived!  You see, we weren't only (breakfast) bowled over by Quisp, but also his friend Quake!

Introduced by the Quaker Oats Company (Ah! So that's why there was Quake...brilliant marketing) in 1965 the cereals were a smash hit. Why?

Probably because of alluring and highly technical TV commercials like the one below.

No doubt about it, Quisp and Quake would be around forever and become the biggest selling cereal in the world!


They remained a mainstay til, oh, the early 1970's or so and remained what was called a 'mass market' grocery item through the rest of that decade. Then they, uh, were sold rather sporadically but did get a bit of a resurgence when the internet hit. I guess us Baby Boomers were looking for a little breakfast nostalgia.

They are still around, kind of, in whats called 'limited distribution'.

But c'mon, go back to your childhood Mr. or Ms. Baby Boomer. There you are, 10 or so, and you're pouring some milk over a big 'ol bowl or Quisp! Oh wait, that's Quake!

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