You may have accidentally poured orange juice into your cereal when you were barely awake on an early morning.

Well, Tropicana has now created a cereal that is made for orange juice.

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Milk is so last year.

The cereal is cleverly titled, Tropicana Crunch.

An article from Food & Wine explains, "The box describes it as a "honey almond cereal," and the website explains that it contains honey almond clusters. A Tropicana spokesperson further explained to us that, after testing multiple flavors and textures, the company opted for a granola-based cereal because it can withstand the acidity in OJ better than things like flakes, which would go soggy more quickly. And the honey almond flavor was chosen to balance against the orange juice's tartness. Additionally, the box advertises that it comes with a "paper sipping straw inside," seeming to imply that taste-testers should be willing to slurp up any of the remaining liquid in the bowl."

Sadly, you can't just run out to the store and grab a box of Tropicana Crunch.

The cereal is part of National Orange Juice Day, which is May 4, 2022. You can only get a box on that day, while supplies last, at the website,

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