I'm here to drop some knowledge on ya!

So, basically, everyone knows that orange juice and toothpaste just don't go together. If you've ever brushed your teeth and then drank some OJ, you know what I'm talking about.

Honestly, I don't like eating or drinking anything after brushing my teeth, but orange juice especially.

Our friendly toothpaste manufacturer, Colgate, broke it down.

It turns out toothpaste has a chemical in it that makes it sudsy. The chemical is called sodium lauryl sulfate. This chemical just so happens to also have a weird side effect that kills your tongue's ability to taste sweet things temporarily. Therefore, you only taste the bitter part of the juice, not the sweet part.

Not only does it kill sweetness receptors, but it makes bitter stuff more bitter!

Obviously, this can all be solved by brushing your teeth after you eat breakfast, but just keep in mind that you're supposed to wait 30 minutes to brush if you've had citrus, or it can damage your enamel. (I just learned this. You're welcome.)


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