As I get older the years seem to blur together. For the past 20 years I have been what I consider a passionate bow hunter. I love the challenge. More or equally important I look forward to the preparation involved with closing the deal when it comes to making the shot on a nice deer.

This year, I have decided to share what I've learned, mostly by mistakes I've made over 20+ years of hunting. I also hate to type, so I'm going to utilize the Samsung Galaxy S7 I use courtesy of Sprint Sioux Falls and start a mini podcast type countdown to hunting season this year. This way you'll be able to follow along with my not so traditional ways of bow hunting that seem to work for me. Let's start with last years successful hunt. This is a recording I made coming back into Sioux Falls, South Dakota last November.

By the way, I love sharing stories. If you want to 'take the time' and use the voice recorder on your phone I would love to share your hunting story with our readers. Send your recording (under 10 minutes prefer) to

Runtime: 7:30 [hey, it takes a hunter a while to tell a story]

By the way, Kylie from The Sioux Falls Skyforce thought it was pretty cool I was wearing my 'retro Skyforce' warm up that morning!

Be watching for Show Us Your Trophy with Manley Tire and Oil again to win tires for your ride!

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