Stories have been circulating around Sioux Falls about corn. Locally the talk has been about a singular corn plant trying to make it to maturity at the corner of 57th ad Minnesota. I'm sure that real farmers here in South Dakota chuckled when they saw the story. They know things are different in the country. A lot different.

If you check drought monitors, we're a little dry here in extreme southeast South Dakota. But for the most part, it's been pretty wet and a bin buster of a crop looks possible for many parts of the state. reported South Dakota could be the surprise state this year;

"Generally speaking every sample [in South Dakota] was good, with some very good," says Jeff Wilson, Pro Farmer scout leader for the western leg of the tour. "It's a very good crop, soybeans are nice and even, looks like a carpet out there. The dry weather cut down on the wet-weather diseases, too."

I know LITTLE about agriculture, but enough to know what looks pretty good. I've stated several times that you don't have to drive far to see at least 200-bushel dryland corn or 80-bushel beans. I know the crop is not in the bin yet, but for now, things look darn good. And it's not just here. Travel west as far as Lyman County and you'll see mile after mile of beautiful corn and soybeans in fields normally reserved for milo or sunflowers. Give these producers the water and the weather and they'll put it in the bin.

So, what's that mean to us city folks? A lot. When the agriculture industry is shining, that glow rubs off on the cities as well.

As usual, there is a caveat of sorts. Prices need to improve. You can bet those producers will be watching their computers and smartphones closely!

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