This is one of the nicest things there is about Sioux Falls, South Dakota living. The free pass to the dump that we are BLESSED with every year. I love this envelope sized 'hall pass,' actually, that could be haul pass to take a load of 'stuff' out to the Sioux Falls Landfill.

Some of my most enjoyable afternoons have revolved around hauling junk to the landfill after clearing a little more space in my garage. Old dressers, old mattresses, old, old stuff gone and no longer something I have to stare at, all because of the precious Sioux Falls Landfill FREE PASS! There's nothing more satisfying than the sound of a junky dresser hitting the bottom of the bin, or dragging an old broken down appliance off the back of a truck, just to leave your junk behind.

This year's deadline to clear it out has been extended through the first weekend in December due to Coronavirus. Heck, what hasn't been extended, augmented, or devastated by COVID this year. I say, in celebration, we take a look in our garages, our spare bedrooms, or even storage facilities and load it up and haul it out. Just take your free pass from the city of Sioux Falls and head out.

This is also typically the time of year that yeah-hoos like to dump trash on rural roads. Don't be 'that guy.' With this pass, you don't have an excuse. In fact, sometimes I like to offer my neighbor a cold beer and offer to haul 'some of their stuff' if I can include some of mine in the load and make an afternoon of it!

A friendly reminder, to tarp your load. Yes, I know it's not going to blow in many cases, but you can avoid the fine by tarping your load.

Thank you for sharing this story with your Facebook and Twitter friends. By the way, when your at the Landfill look for this stylish pink flamingo. He's hanging around out there now!

Sioux Falls Landfill
JD Collins/KIKN via Sprint Sioux Falls

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